Blocks of Flats Terrorism Insurance

Why you need Blocks of Flats Terrorism Insurance

It’s sad but true, we live in a dangerous and uncertain world and failure to add blocks of flats terrorism insurance could mean you are failing to meet the requirements of the lease.  Terrorism insurance may sound extreme, but if your lease states that you should insure against all normally available insurance perils or provide comprehensive insurance then you need to have it.

‘All risks’ Blocks of Flats Terrorism Insurance

Since January 2003 terrorism insurance has been offered on an all risks basis.  Put simply, this means that terrorism insurance now includes damage from nuclear, biological and radiological causes and reflects the perceived danger of after-event contamination caused, for example, by a terrorist ‘dirty bomb’.  And it’s worth remembering that standard flats or block of flats buildings insurance policies won’t provide cover for damage caused by terrorist activity.  Key features of 1st Sure’s Blocks of Flats Terrorism Insurance include:

  • Indemnity for an act of terrorism is provided up to the sum insured on the buildings policy and extends to cover loss of rent and or alternative accommodation so it is truly comprehensive
  • Premiums based upon the area of the country in which the property is situated and its potential exposure to an act of terrorism (Central London having a higher rate, therefore, than rural Scotland)
  • Blocks of Flats Terrorism Insurance underwritten by a Government backed insurer
  • This terrorism extension is only available from 1st Sure when we provide the main buildings policy

To find out how more about 1st Sure’s Blocks of Flats Terrorism Insurance or our wider block of flats buildings insurance services please get in touch, by calling us on 0345 370 2842 or if you’d like to get a free quote then just click here 

Blocks of Flats Terrorism Insurance

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