1st Sure Flats shortlisted for Block Insurer of the Year 2014

We are excited to be shortlisted for Block Insurer of the Year at this years Property Management Awards 2014. Please vote for us now!

Please view our video entry below.

When a block of flats suffers a major loss many lessees and their families are affected and this can be a very difficult and distressing time for them.

Following significant damage to a block, resulting in multi-lessees unable to occupy their flats, our incident response unit will be deployed to the location and act as emergency offices, either on site or nearby, thus enabling the insurance company and their loss adjusters to liaise with each affected family face to face.

Losing your home and all its possessions as a result of fire, storm or flood is very traumatic and this simple, but effective, early intervention will dramatically improve the customer service flat owners receive and deserve at their hour of ultimate need.