Block of Flats Insurance Guide

Block of Flats Insurance Guide –  How to get the Block of Flats Insurance You Need

A block of flats isn’t like other residences and subsequently it requires a different type of  insurance.  Policy holders for block of  flats insurance have lease commitments to their  flat owners so it’s really important when choosing a policy that it has the cover you, as a block of flats owner, need and not one that was written for owners of other forms of residential property – an all-too common occurrence, alas.  To help you get the right block of flats insurance for you, have created this check-list of things you’ll want to have in your block of flats insurance policy:

  • Bespoke buildings cover for flats, including index linking
  • A non-invalidation clause to prevent the policy being invalidated by events unknown by or outside the control of the policyholder
  • Communal contents cover
  • Loss of rent / alternative accommodation
  • Automatic inclusion of interested parties
  • Property owners’ liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Automatic extension for repairs / contract works
  • Automatic extension to the Public Liability section to protect management companies, residents’ associations, RTM companies and lessees
  • Automatic compliance with the mortgage lenders’ handbook
  • Automatic transfer of interest extension to cover the sale of flats

As I mentioned earlier, I’m sorry to say that there are still many blocks of flats insurance policies being sold today that simply aren’t fit for purpose and which let policyholders down when they need help most.

Anyway, I hope this helps you get the block of flats cover you need, but if you would like any more advice please don’t hesitate to contact the the 1st Sure Flats team on 0345 370 2844, email us by clicking here or let us call you back.

Mike Hall

Block of Flats Insurance Guide

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