Engineering Insurance Lifts & Boilers

Engineering Insurance For Lifts & Boilers

1st Sure’s Engineering Insurance For Lifts & Boilers insurance policy is an extension to our blocks of flats buildings cover and fulfils the inspection required by law.  Passenger lifts in blocks of flats and apartments need to be inspected twice a year and communal boilers once a year, and with 1st Sure’s Engineering Insurance For Lifts & Boilers policy you’ll not be covered for these but also for sudden and unforeseen damage.

Help With Statutory Lifts & Boilers Inspections

Even with our cover we strongly recommend that you have a maintenance contract for your lifts and boilers as our Engineering Insurance For Lifts & Boilers cover doesn’t include routine maintenance or wear and tear.  Your maintenance company will also be able to arrange your statutory inspections but here a few pointers that will help smooth your inspection path:

  • Keep a site log at a pre-agreed location – this is normally the plant room or the top of a lift shaft, as part of the statutory inspection service and you will be issued with reports after each inspection and these can be stored here
  • Read your inspection reports – they’ll identify immediate actions required to maintain safety, items that would need to be considered by the maintenance company in their routine servicing as well as any long term / non-urgent recommendations.  By knowing what’s required you can avoid damage and accidents
  • Ensure your gas certificates are updated annually –  communal and individual boilers in rented flats and blocks of flats are required to have a gas certificate issued annually.  This needs to be arranged by a certified ‘gas safe’ gas engineer.  The gas safe website,, can provide you with details of qualified engineers in your area

If you’d like to know more about how about 1st Sure can help you with your engineering insurance for lifts and boilers or any other aspect of flats and blocks of flats insurance then please get in touch, by calling us on 0345 370 2842 or if you’d like to get a free quote then just click here 

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Engineering Insurance Lifts & Boilers


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