Freeholder Insurance – What All Freeholders Need To Know…

Freeholder Insurance –  What all Freeholders Need to Know…

So what is freeholder insurance?  Freeholder insurance is a policy that’s been designed for people who own the freehold of a property and who have responsibility for the maintenance of that property and its communal areas such as carparks, hallways, pathways and private roads.

What is a ‘Freeholder’?

A freeholder can be an individual or it can be a collection of people – typically leaseholders who live in the same building, say a block of flats or an apartment building. Having freeholder insurance not only gives everyone security but it also helps avoid resident disputes when essential work needs to be carried out.

What does Freeholder Insurance cover?

The exact cover provided by freeholder insurance varies – usually in accordance with the terms of the lease – but typically it covers:

  • Buildings
  • Communal areas
  • Property owners liability
  • Employers liability should you need to employ someone to carry out repairs

Depending on the needs of the freeholder’, policies can also be extended to include:

Freeholder insurance can be complex – particularly when dealing with blocks of flats – which is why at we offer a bespoke service in order to create an affordable policy that suits your individual needs.

I hope that’s helped clarify things, but if you would like any more advice please don’t hesitate to contact the flats team free on 0345 370 2842 or to get a free, no obligation quote click here.

Mike Hall

Freeholder Insurance - What All Freeholders Need To Know...

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